introduction poem

herein below
lies a child's manifesto
on how it's best to grow
through play

it came about one day
in the strangest of ways

as i endeavored to keep
the humdrum at bay

i invite you to read it
and sign if you like
by means of the guestbook

perhaps it will help
keep your child alive
and a beautiful dream
of a world yet unseen
will seed
and start to grow


A child's manifesto

(manifesto preamble)

when i was a boy
i was given a toy
and was told to go and play

...but as i grew older
the 'grown-ups' got bolder
and said, "put that toy away!"

"We've got things to do, and places to be!
There's an it that we thing that we have to at three!
Now stop playing around, you're annoying me!"

i know

it's hard

to even read

it's sad to think
this could come to be

but in some ways i'm glad
'cause that's why i'm me.

for so
i learned
year after year
that my wonderful play 
i must keep near
almost a secret
kept safe
in my heart

so i never
lose the art

and though
one time
it almost went

i held to it tight
day after day

and although it flickered
almost out of sight 

i guarded the flame
to one day burn bright


i can say

 to this very day

i has managed to keep 
the humdrum at bay!


but now

let me share something
about what it means to be 'me'
 what it means to be 'you'
and how it feels 
to live free

sharing play

i happily share it
when i find a friend 
who i know will keep it
for others, to lend.

 and each time
while we are playing
the 'other', we see
is in fact just a friend
that play has set free

what a wonderful moment!
at one with the trees
aware in these moments
that clearly we see

and so i declare
to all those who read
to prepare your toys

and be at ease
as you find


and so now
here it is
easy as can be

a child's manifesto
written for thee



Toujours Gratuit!

and let us strive for the day
when all of us play
and simply