This Corner of The Web

This Corner of The Web
is here for you,
because of you.

Take time
look around,
find healing and love
in these
virtual pages.

Woven within is (almost) everything
I have created.

It is my home,
where you are always welcome.
Here, I share from
the deepest places
of myself
I can reach.

It is where I put what I have
to give to the world,
and where I challenge myself
to be
the most
I can

So, naturally
it is
as me
as it
can be.

I do this
for a reason:
you see,
the more that I am me,
the more
you can be you.

And so,
the circle goes,
as we open, we are free
 till perhaps, one day
we can be our true selves,
you can be you
and me, me.

but not least,
to give place to the play,
to wrap up the thoughts
and leave you to your way
here is a poem,

"The last thing I'll say"

in the heart
of what we make
what we give 
and what we take
there is a soul
that longs to cross
the space
twixt I and you.