Simply use this hashtag when you upload content regarding any living creature walking barefoot.

In this way, you help grow the culture of treading lightly on Earth.


i feel the most vital connection at hand
is that between you and i
and the land
upon which
we all stand

this is the most vital connection
the land upon which we stand
is what makes life possible on Earth

if we wish
to deeply feel
that our bodies are of land
we must walk barefoot

i believe this simple act
will change how people treat Earth
and also each other


- We tend to remember that all the land upon which we walk is sacred. 

- We tend to walk slower, more mindful of what is beneath us.

- We tend to be more conscious of the trail we leave behind us. 

- We tend to pick up pollution, as our feet are now connected to the soil. 

- We have a lighter impact on the soil we walk on. 

- We tend to remember what it's like to be a barefoot child at play.


- We tend to forget that all land is sacred land, infinitely unique and precious. 

- We tend to walk faster, taking less time to notice what is beneath our feet. 

- We tend to think less about the trail we are leaving as we walk. 

- We tend to ignore the pollution left on the soil, because our own feet are protected. 

- We tend to injure the soil, as the soles of our shoes are hard. 

- We tend to forget how it feels to be a barefoot child at play.