Use #cleanourroom when you upload videos/photos of your hands picking up human waste from places where the waste does not belong, such as any natural ecosystem.

In this way, you can help grow the culture of shared responsibility for cleaning our single, shared room: Earth.

I also think of this as weeding.

the very first thing
we all must know

is that there is no other place to go

for everything
turns round
and round
at last
to find home
in the ground

and when you see
that waste cannot be
you will notice something to do

and at first you may feel
you'd rather waste to be real
than have days that leave you blue

to that i say
see a different way
and then create something new

for we all must start weeding
the waste from this land
each piece must be sorted
as best as we can

for we can't grow a garden
from soil full of weeds
our food becomes sick

and then
as we know
so do we

look down
at our body
help clean our room
and while you are cleaning
remember this too:

it can be a game
as all things can be
an adventure shared
between you and me

imagine the treasures
hidden in the sea
the beautiful objects
made to be seen
imagine the gifts
found to give to each other

tucked away in the soil to sing
buried deep in this garden to bring
the softest sounds that yearn to ring

but first
start weeding
the Garden

doing the thing