History of Earth('s iPod)

(In the beginning...) 

I don't have a phone, so my portable music player is an old iPod. I've had it for years and it's great. 

One time, it electrocuted me in the cold weather, and then died.

Another time, I held a lighter up to it to melt the plastic so it fused back with the metal. 

One day, an idea popped in my head to invite people to send me their favorite song so I can listen to it. This is more fun than me finding the music I listen to alone, and more meaningful because I like hearing what people listen to, it helps me understand them.

Then, I thought to create a page called Earth's iPod, dedicated to my experiences with this iPod and the music that people send in.

They are written below the submit section.

So, I entreat you:

The story of Earth's Ipod

I remember when you took me in your tiny, metallic arms, and taught me what it meant to dedicate myself to you, as I did in days of yore when all I had was a Sony Discman. How I remember those records better than any others.

And so, as I returned, and learned and remembered how it felt long ago, when no distinctions were made, and there were no lines to be had, the world but a place to explore and love.

How slowly we lose our presence of mind! We think we keep learning, but we only define. And then comes the fateful passage of time, and after a while we've lost the divine, at least a little bit more each time draw lines.

So remember the child who in each of us lies. Deep in your heart, it quietly resides, waiting for the day when it needn't hide.