a story

once upon a time there was a story
it was a very long, old story
maybe it wasn't even upon a time, it was so old
but we don't really know, because we weren't there

we're intrigued by this story
that we're presumably a part of

very intrigued

we pass a lot of time thinking about it
wondering how it started
how we all fit in
and stuff like that

we're not sure if we're the only people who do this
 we see there are other people all around us

but sometimes humans think
we're the only ones who wonder
about our story
and that makes us different

the more I reflect
I see we've kind of messed it up
by thinking
about thinking about it
too much

and the more we think
the more lines are etched into our faces
as if the words of our thoughts were written along them
like writing on a page

a young face looks clear
theirs is a mind free of thinking
they simply observe and grow
for they already know
the beautiful process


a mind
if you let it
won’t make any lines
you don’t need to leash it
there’s no need to define
for, when you do
there’s less of a chance
your mind will show you
it’s wonderful dance
as it skips, as it soars, it prances, it sings
through a world comprised of wonderful things
and all of it there, for you to imbibe
for all of it
all of it
in your mind does reside
so why leave things out
and let others in?
ah, because there’s a story
that we must learn to win
follow one path, or another,
when it’s all just the same
if only we let our minds
play their games
we would all come together
in a magical whole
and within each mind
a welcome to all

the truth is
we all know our place
in this very old, long story
the moment we are born

I am grateful to whoever made this so

if you forgot for some reason
and you wish to remember
this may help remind you
it's called:


do you remember
when you started to grow
the feeling that there was nowhere to go
and wherever you were
you were meant to be
a simple truth
that let you live free
for so you knew
as does a tree
that every moment
is only there
for those aware
if only
they remember how to see

sometimes it is hard to see

we can forget our place in the story
over the course of our lives

and so a question arises:
how can humans be of the world
without having lines
slowly etched across our faces
leaving it a crumpled page of thought?

living life
after all
can be confusing


I have a wonderful trick

it helps me enormously
and I think it will help you too:

a trick

there are no lines that will divide
nor can there ever be
so watch your thoughts
one at a time
and the lines will be set free
then you will see the lines aren't real
that separate us from each other
now let us tend to our thoughts
all of us children
so we can tend
the garden of our mother

the only lines that can exist
are the ones that tie it all together

the connecting lines

the more you see these lines that connect
you realize that it's
a beautiful line
that connects again to itself
to form a circle

the universe is young
and so the circle is small
though it's growing day by day

we can learn to help it grow
by seeing clearly

once you see
you can show others how to see
that I've only got you

you've only got me

you've only got me
that's it, you see
so mind what you plant in my soil
for out of it grows
all that you know
for you
I have toiled and toiled
because I so wish
to find others like me
who are lucky to be
a drop in the sea
so please
and see
you've only got me

all life knows this
deep down
but humans sometimes forget this
and that leads to:

a messy room

we find
a mess on the floor
revealing to us
what others endure

for inside their heads
the mess is much bigger
though they try to clean up
there, it still lingers

isn’t it odd
this world
so messy
made from heads full of thoughts
most unnecessary

there’s something amiss
when we feel apart
so what else do you do?
you try to make:


I hope that this helps
to clean up the mess
inside our heads
so we can clean up the rest
and perhaps
one day
step out of our room
and see the sun
and the earth
and be
but a flower in bloom

it seemed that some things needed to happen
so we could start to clean up our room
really see each other again
and remember some things
about who we are
simply by looking
a little closer
a little deeper
until we realize
all is a mirror
and we simply see:

a home

how long must it take
before we know
that home is not a place where you go
not where you sleep, kneel, or eat
nor in a forest, nor field of wheat
not where you walk, not where you hide
home is only in one place
and when you find it
it also finds you
because, of course
there's no finding to do
and all of a sudden
you're happy to be
wherever you are
because you're always with me


we all want to feel home

but sometimes
we like thinking there is a screen
separate from us

and these words were written by someone else

but it must be very clear
and never forget
I am not writing a story

you are