Invite anyone to the table when you eat, simply by live-streaming your meal and using #familymeal. In this way, we grow the culture of eating together and sharing gratitude for food, no matter where we are from, or what language we speak.

I like to just point my phone at my food and eat, putting all the visual attention on the life that is keeping me alive.

I also like simply eating in silence, letting the life I eat speak.

I especially like eating from the same bowl over and over -
it's a good reminder that the food always comes from one place.

feelings and thoughts

I feel this could be an opportunity for those eating alone to express from their heart to the world, sharing openly online. In this way, we can grow a culture of unconditional love and acceptance of what others say, as well as provide an outlet for people to express themselves without fear of judgement.

I feel that this could lead to more people reflecting on, and being grateful for, food. Food is a such a fundamental element of what it means to be alive, and the more we all publicly reflect on food, the more we will foster a connection between who it is that we eat and our gratitude for Earth, in general.

I feel that if people live-streamed from all over the world, we would build community around the shared idea that all are welcome at the table of Earth. This simple invitation to join at your table crosses all boundaries and cultural differences, and connects us based on our shared loved for food, and being alive.

I feel that the more we embrace cuisines from other cultures, the more we will realize the human spirit is beautifully expressed through each cultures specific approach to the land.

I feel when we connect with the spirit that is imbued in the cuisine that we are eating, the more we will recognize we share the spirit of the people from which the cuisine came when we eat the food.

I feel that the more we recognize the spirit of other peoples in us when we try other foods, the more our definition of what it means to be human will expand to include other cultures.