Use #givingtrees when you upload a picture or video of you leaving bottles and cans at the base of trees in city parks, as opposed to using waste bins.

Done properly, this will help to de-normalize the use of waste bins in parks, and make life easier for those who rely on bottles and cans. 


1. Emptying out our drinks at the base of trees nourishes the trees and the life in the soil. In this way, we can give back to the trees that always give to us.

2. Normalizing #givingtrees, instead of leaving them by the waste bin, means that people who need bottles and cans to make a living are not forced to go up to groups and beg, or sort through broken glass and garbage at the bins. This is not dignified, and we can treat these people in our community with more respect.  

3. Leaving them by waste bins continues to normalize the use of these bins in parks, and as we know, waste does not exist in nature. We need to stop using these bins, completely.  

4. If we normalize #givingtrees, we will learn to take better care of our bottles and cans, and this will result in less broken glass and waste throughout city parks.  

5. Inevitably, some people do not think about recycling when using waste bins, and improperly sort items. If we normalize #givingtrees, more items will be recycled, because those who collect these bottles and cans are reliant on them being recycled to earn their living. 

6. This helps us to remember that trees are always giving trees, even when you don't use a hashtag.  

Ideally, in each city park around the world there would be one place where we would go to leave our bottles and cans before we leave the park, to be sorted properly and perhaps cleaned. As long as we keep drinking liquids from bottles and cans, this place would be a regular source of income for those who need it, and would ensure that all bottles and cans are recycled, without requiring people to beg or search for bottles and cans strewn about all over the place.