Use this hashtag any time you post anything relating to this hunger strike, including when you post with other hashtags.

#hungerstrikeforearth will connect all of the posts. I will take a small nibble of food for every 100,000 posts, and post a video of how grateful I am to all of you for keeping me alive.


Use #parksaresacred when you post a photo or video reflecting on the spiritual importance of parks in cities. This is where many people in the city connect with nature in a deep sense, and the more people share their connection with these sacred places, the more we will collectively care for them.


Use #natureinthecity whenever you share a picture of the beautiful birds, bees, butterflies, trees, and any other life that you discover in your city park. This hunger strike is just as much for all other life as it is for humans, and the more we remember to stop and observe, the more likely we will see these species come back year after year. 


Use #lettucecamp whenever you suggest the possibility of camping overnight being accepted in all parks around the world. I suggest having signs for designated spots, and growing the culture of setting up at sundown and packing up at sunrise. I plan to camp in Park La Fontaine to show that it is possible to camp in a park and take care of the space respectfully over the course of #hungerstrikeforearth, and I hope this could inspire people around the world to request that their cities change existing rules in order to allow camping in parks. Perhaps you can plant lettuce in the summer by some camping spots  to be enjoyed as deliciously fresh morning salad. 


Use #cleanourroom whenever you upload a video of your hand picking up a piece of human waste to remove from a city park, anywhere on earth. Simply pick the piece up and put it in a container to be taken out of the park.

Don't use the garbage bins in the Parks - they can't exist in nature. The sooner we stop using these spaces, the sooner we can transform them into gift boxes.


If you would like me to eat a meal, use #feedkeenan! However, I will only eat if certain goals are accomplished.

For example, if Parc La Fontaine is declared a Zero-Waste Park, and the trash bins are permanently transformed into something more useful for the community, I will eat a meal. This will be part of a celebration everyone is invited to, as well! 

The goals will get larger and larger as the strike continues - the final meal being if city parks all over the world are declared Zero Waste Parks, and all garbage bins in these parks are permanently transformed into gift boxes for the communities that call the park home.  

Use #natureinthecity whenever you post images or videos you take of the wonderful beauty of butterflies, birds, trees and bees in city parks around the world.

The more you share pictures of who you see, the more others will begin to see the life that exists in our parks, and then wish to care for them.


Simply use #barefoot when you upload a photo of you walking around barefoot. Be proud of your beautiful toes and show how good it feels to connect to Earth. 

I walk barefoot in Park La Fontaine all the time, and this has led to me being far more aware of what we leave in the soil - bottle caps, bits of glass, metal, and plastics. The more I walk barefoot, the more I am inclined to pick stuff up.

I also end up finding amazing little gifts tucked away in the ground, which I enjoy giving to other people.

I dream of a day when all children (and that's all of us) can walk barefoot in city parks around the world without a worry.


Use #questionforkeenan when you upload a video that you would like a response to.

I will try to respond to each question. I may need to be well fed to be coherent, so this goes hand in hand with cleaning up Earth.

Provided I survive the hunger strike, I will continue to do this as I am able.


Use #leavesomeforearth if you join me for one day in the hunger strike. By joining, you help normalize the idea of fasting and so reduce human consumption.

Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when our demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year. 

In 2021, it will be on July 29. In other words, we must cut our consumption in half. In doing this, we #leavesomeforearth.