Use #knowyourneighbours when you share information about any life that lives around you...except for humans! In this way, you will help grow the culture of land-based knowledge, and bring us in closer connection with our neighbours, i.e. all life that exists around us.

When we get to know our neighbours, we care about them.

Of course, get to know your human neighbours, too! 

where to start

an absolutely stunning
miracle of an application
one that is incredibly helpful
for learning about our neighbours
is iNaturalist.

The way this application works is simple: take a picture of life anywhere on Earth, upload this picture into the application, and find the matching species. 

When you find the matching species name, this opens the wonderful window of research, because now you can read everything on the internet that we know about the species we identified. 

Not only that, but when you upload the photo, you can include the location of where you met your neighbour. This information is then used by a global community of scientists to keep track of biodiversity all over Earth.