Add #leavesomeforearth whenever you share posts about your experiences fasting.

In this way, we can help normalize giving our bodies a break, and live happier, healthier, and probably longer lives. 

Most importantly, by reducing our species consumption, we leave more resources for all the other life with whom we share our home Earth. 

When I fast


I try to fast each Sunday so that fasting is a normal part of my life and I actually chill out once a week.


I also try to fast at least the first week of every month but not this December cause I want to eat lots of cookies.

My water/coffee cup

This is the cup I use for water (and sometimes coffee) when I fast. She broke and I fixed her with soil, gorilla glue, sawdust, and varnish. She is dear to me because she was a gift from a friend. I gave her my favourite cup in turn.

More thoughts

I can think of no relationship more important to meditate on than our relationship with food.

This is because, at least to me, our relationship with food is very reflective to how we treat ourselves, and subsequently others.

For a long time, my relationship with food was very closely tied to personal insecurities. I would squeeze what little tummy fat I had, fear judgement from others, and exercise compulsively if I felt I ate something that would make me fat or unhealthy. I also tried to make myself throw up on a few occasions.

I know that this relationship affected others. I know that I have judged others from this place of insecurity within me. Of course, this continues cycles where people habitually consume in response to their inner emotional and spiritual needs.

Now, thanks to my experiences fasting, I have a simpler relationship with food, one that is based on listening to my body, and feeling deeply grateful to the food that keeps me alive and becomes my body. 

My relationship with food would not have changed without experiencing fasting. Through fasting, I showed to myself that my emotional and spiritual health did not need to be tied to consumption.

In other words, fostering this discipline has given me freedom from being tied emotionally to consumption.

Now, when I feast, I have no guilt, and feast gladly and with gratitude, knowing I have the discipline to stop.

Such has fasting changed how I relate to this home that I hope to use this year to foster the discipline for a forty day fast by next Summer, Starting July 1, 2022.

At that time, I plan to livestream a concert series and perform each day for 40 days in conjunction with the fast, raising money for growing the garden that is life here on Earth.