I remember when together, we fell with the sun, our thoughts dropping like leaves as our minds became bare, more aware in that moment than ever before of the ways in which Life ensures its own future. We took each other on the edge of the forest, on the edge of the lake, on the edge of a river, in fields, and in the soft beds of deer. Ants covered your skin, warming their bodies in the afternoon sun, perhaps more aware of our story than we were. Only now, I realize that in each of these moments we were a piece of a very large puzzle, discovering all that given to us each day, and through these discoveries learning more of who we are in turn - gifts for others as long as we are here.

I remember seeing the beautiful, softly carved arch. It was leading away from the snowy Ruelle Verte. Upon passing through this entrance, there was nothing to do but stand in awe, struck by the inter-connectivity so tangibly felt. You know, it was like walking through the back of closet, only to find yourself in a world of attention and care, one built by loving, artful hands. Small treasures lay in each corner, often lying on weathered wood. Plants were encouraged to grow over all of the structures, and even without their summer leaves, they appeared to weave a thick carpet of life over the stone and metal surfaces, holding the entire world together in a knowing embrace. One has to wonder, standing among something so magical, how it can exist in relative secret from the rest of the world, led to only by a light blue, softly carved arch.

I remember learning about your story. I remember understanding that what lies beneath the surface is sometimes very different from what is shown. It took me a while to see it, your struggle, but when I did I was forever changed. I remember walking lightly because of you, because of the pain of a friend I knew. I do so now with love, not fear, for I know you want nothing but to belong. And so, as time passed, words also became far more meaningful, and today I search for how one can create belonging with ease. 

I remember every day as it piled on, one thought after the next. I remember that for a long time I thought they were me. And then the moment came when they were not me. I remember pulling myself out, slowly, bit by bit. I remember how it felt to climb the hill. I remember the view.