This is a very simple project to participate in! 

Step 1 - download the track. Preferably, don't listen to it beforehand, so what you do is really improvised!
Step 2 - set up some sort of recording system for yourself. It doesn't matter what kind of mic you use, although of course the higher quality, and the less room noise, the better. 

Step 3 - Go for a swim! Improvise a single take for the length of the River, and send me it at

The key is in E major, but again, anything goes!

I guarantee I will use something from your take. 

Swimming People:

Curtis, Ariana, Milena, Keenan, Richard, Jeanne, Laura, Sandro, JoJo, Hao, Andrew, Frank, Caroline, Justin, Alicia, Nathan, Rob, Liv, Julia, and Kathryn.