I often feel this:
Earth would be much happier
if we all simply slowed down a bit
at least enough to take care of ourselves
mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

To me it seems that often what keeps us from slowing down
is our attachment to the passage of time.

once, i was asked to be ready at 3
in a somewhat stressful way 
and this poem came out

Writing it helped me to lessen my mental attachment to time a bit more, and remember that where I am is where I am, not where I should be, or where I have been.

And then,
when you really are where you are
you become aware.

And being aware is very useful.

here is a poem
about being

ready by "3"

when you said 
“be ready by 3” 
i had to wonder why 

for here i see 
sweet birds, so free 
flying in the sky 

i ponder 
are they not 
simply where they are? 

following the rhythm 
of a clockwork set by stars 

for me 
“3” is just a piece 
of a funny numbers game

a game where players 
have to stay 
in funny number lanes 

but i am tired 
of playing that game 
“3” (though useful) 
is always the same 

give me
the time to be 
instead of the stress 
of “be ready by 3” 

following rhythms 
held loose in my hands 
a life led by soil 
glad as i am 

only then 
i’ll know fully 
what it means 
to be 

as birds fly through the sky
 so will i live effortlessly

all along 
was keeping