a poem from earth


what is here is a gift, from i to you

all born of the soil, from which you and i grew

and always remember, the i can be found

in each sight the you sees, each touch, each sound

from down in the sky to up in the ground

trust what you give 
will come back around



Keenan here. Welcome to my strand of the world wide web. Take a look around and make yourself at home! But first, I have an invitation for you.

I would like to dedicate the home page of this site to showcasing all the ways that people express gratitude for being able to live life. I hope that this home page comes to be a place where anyone can stay and learn many different ways to say, essentially, 'thanks' to Earth, for being a pal and allowing us to live.

I imagine a place that is a collection of prayers, poems, photos of hugging trees and stories of thanking bees. I imagine creating a place that is so full of gratitude for life that anyone who visits leaves with a full heart.

So, I invite you to send me anything that directly relates to thanking the Earth for the gift of birth, and as the source of all we know. 

Je t'aime!