I have a dream to travel far and wide as an eccentric musician and seed collector with wares of seeds of all sorts, all over this continent. I have no idea if this will ever happen but at least there will be a funny buggy so it's always an option. Buggies are common around the Waterloo Region, where I am, due to the Older Order Mennonite and Amish settlements that are around here, who still use horse and buggy. I am speaking in Pennsylvania German below, which is the language they speak. 

The Biodiversity Buggy

(still missing horse, frame, and wheels

The Biodioversity Buggy was born shortly after I was threatened with eviction for wanting to extend the flower garden in front of the house I was renting at. Admittedly, I could have asked before digging up the front lawn to let other plants grow, but I was overcome with emotion when I saw a bee working in the hot rays of the climate change sun, and felt compelled in that moment to turn some grass over for other species to grow. 

Side Profile of Buggy

(still missing windows)

This buggy is made almost entirely from recycled wood. It is almost all sanded and then stained with boiled linseed oil which was mixed with paint thinner to stretch out the oil. Windows to come! I got most of the metal pieces needed from the Ontario Seed Company on King Street in Waterloo, and will likely get many seeds from them as well, in addition to just collecting seeds all over as I ride around the countryside preaching the good word of Permaculture and spreading seeds to help bring back the biodiversity we've lost.