make talking balls!

make talking balls!
these are balls that are made from, mostly, plastics

simply pick up plastics lying about
and put them in a ball
and try to make the ball look nice

i do this because
i like playing with balls

i also feel that it is good
to collect all these little pieces of plastic
specifically the plastics that aren't often recycled
and would otherwise be polluting our home

after all
if we want to live in a nice home
it makes sense to first clean our room

so, make talking balls

here is a picture of one i recently gifted:

A completed ball

A talking ball made with (apart from the red thread, green elastic, and blue lace) plastics that I found on the ground.

My plastics bag

Where I put plastics and stuff I pick up

This is a wonderful bag I am very grateful for, one that I started using to pick up plastics and such in Parc LaFontaine, in 2021. I like walking around with this fella.

Thoughts on "waste"

This idea must be credited to the magic of Montréal, Canada. This city is full of artists, many of whom study circus arts. So inspired was I by the community I witnessed there that when I moved to this city, I started juggling.

I bought my first ball from Le Grande Ourse on Duluth Avenue. Then my second. Then 10th. I would walk around town juggling, spontaneously playing catch with other people across the street and intersections, often giving balls freely to people I played catch with. 

One thing led to another, and suddenly I was doing Hunger Strike for Earth in Parc LaFontaine, talking about how 'waste' is not real, and is rather an expression of how we treat each other.

By that I mean, should we learn communicate clearly, desire to understand and treat each other well, we will belong once more to one another. 

This is important, because what keeps us from belonging deeply to Earth is our difficulty belonging to each other. 

When we belong once more to one another, we naturally come to belong as a community to the Earth. 

And when we naturally belong as a community to the Earth, we learn some simple rules that are very obvious, as we come to observe life on Earth together. 

One of these realizations is that 'waste' is not real, and everything in nature is part of a cycle, timelessly turning as long as life has been here. 

And the idea of 'waste' doesn't coincide with respecting these natural cycles...

So, anyways, all this led to making talking balls.

These are, essentially, made with plastics I collect that are lying around: rubber bands, strings, and such.

Here are some examples:

I call them talking balls because I found that whenever I play catch with someone, I immediately get to know them quite a lot better, simply because we start talking.

Perhaps this is why all children should play catch with their parents.

but also
it's just a fun way
to take this idea of 'waste' 
and then play
proving to all
that life is a game
all material useful
to a creative brain
the idea of 'waste'
rather mundane

So to me, talking balls are symbolic...

We take the idea of 'waste', which exists as a result of the way we treat each other, and we create something with which we can learn to play, communicate, and belong with one another again.

This in turn leads to us connecting deeper with Earth, and so creating less harmful materials in the first place.

If you make talking balls, send me pictures of yours and I will make a community talking ball gallery!