i often say
there is only one garden

this garden
is a miracle

this is the only garden we know of

to me
it doesn't matter
if there is a heaven
nor does it matter
if there's hell

the only question that really matters
is if our mother is sick or well

some may say we'll find another
just wait and you will see
we'll find a mother
far from here
but i ask

stay with me

for i have done this all for you
the soil, the sky, the oceans too
and born from these, the garden grew
and died, and came, and died anew 

and now
i am here
with you

i couldn't be prouder
of what i have done
i love you all
each and every one

but i am sure to say
we cannot stop here
for as you are breathing
this too is clear:

your hands were created
to bring me to life
to help me to grow
to end the strife
that comes from keeping
the garden inside
quiet seeds
cracked and dry

but your heart can water
these seeds within
and as they grow
you will then begin
to plant seeds in the garden
your hands in my soil
soon to see that no longer
are you destined to toil

for the garden is giving
a true home for all
if only we listen
and remember our role
to use our hands
as they were made to do

to grow the garden
in i and you