'Busking' is another word for street performing, and #buskingforchange is an approach to performing that encourages non-attachment to money, free distribution of money, and the understanding that what is most valuable about busking is freedom of expression in the public.


1. Put up a sign that reads #buskingforchange
2. Write on the sign that people can come up and receive money, as well.
3. Play!

When people give money, good!
They are supporting public human expression.

When people receive money, good!
They are supported by human expression.

If this were practiced around the world, buskers could help foster gratitude in our communities and promote non-attachment to money.

This would also help to shift public opinion from seeing busking as 'begging' to what it truly is - invaluable self-expression in public. The more we see busking as this, the more we will support any form of self-expression.

Fundamentally, buskers need to have their basic needs sufficiently met by the community in order for them to feel they can do this, so this also goes hand in hand with supporting buskers in our communities around the world.